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Last updated 23 June 97

HyTime Machine-Readable Materials

This area provides access to the machine-readable materials associated with the HyTime standard. Unless indicated otherwise, all the materials here are either the source objects used in the production process of the printed standard or are derived from them by an automatic process.

Available for download are architectural meta-DTDs and property set definition documents.

Archiectural Meta-DTDs

The following meta-DTDs represent the normative, formal, definitions of the element, attribute, and notation forms defined by the HyTime and General architectures. These files can be used both as templates for creating new document type declarations derived from these architectures and for architectural processing using architecture aware tools like James Clark's SP and JADE.

Material Location Notes
HyTime Meta-DTD

Uncompressed: hi2mdhyt.sgm (164K)

Compressed: hi2mdhyt.zip (29k)

The complete HyTime meta-DTD, reflecting all possible facilities and options. Can be trimmed down to remove declarations for those features you're not using.
General Architecture Meta-DTD hi2mdga.sgm (10k) The General Architecture meta-DTD. The HyTime architecture is derived from the General Architecture.
Property Set Architecture Meta-DTD hi2mdps.sgm The architectural meta-DTD for property set definition documents. Because it is so simple, this meta-DTD was not replicated in an integrated version in the HyTime standard.

Property Set Definition Documents

These following property set definition documents are the normative definitions of the various property sets defined by HyTime and the SGML Extended Facilities. These documents conform to the Property Set architecture and all use the same property set DTD derived from that architecture. Because the SGML and HyTime property sets are modularized, their raw SGML form is not ideal for retrieval if you are not already familiar with their general structure. However, we also provide HTML versions of these property sets that make navigation and retrieval easier. However, the raw SGML versions are convenient for quick search and retrieval once you're familiar with their general organization and specification method. The files here are exactly those used in the production of the printed standard, in their minimized state. You may want to use a tool like James Clark's SGMLNORM to produce normalized versions of these documents for your own use.

If you are just starting your exploration of these property sets, we suggest you start with the HTML versions.

Material Location Notes
Complete Property Set Package

propsets.zip (30k)

propsets.tar.gz (27 K)

This package includes all the property sets, the property set architectural meta-DTD, and the property set DTD, as well as a PanoramaTM style sheet for viewing the property sets.

SGML Property Set hi2pssgm.sgm
XML version: hi2pssgm.xml.
The SGML property set as published in HyTime Second Edition. Replaces the property set published originally in the DSSSL standard.

You may find the HTML version of SGML property set easier to use and navigate than the raw source.

If you want to focus on the core properties (those that correspond roughly to "ESIS"), try "SGML ESIS" property set. This view of the SGML property set includes only those properties absolutely needed to process SGML or XML documents. It excludes the modules related to markup properties, secondary abstractions, and optional SGML features.

HyTime Property Set hi2pshyt.sgm The property set for the objects and classes comprising the HyTime semantic grove. The HyTime semantic grove is the grove that reflects the results of applying HyTime processing semantics to hyperdocuments.

You may find the HTML version of HyTime property set easier to use and navigate than the raw source.

Value-to-Node Property Set hi2psvtn.sgm Property set for converting non-nodal property values into nodes so they can be addressed by HyTime location addresses.
Data Tokenizer Property Set hi2psdtk.sgm Property set for data tokenizer groves.
Plain Property Set hi2pstxt.sgm Property set for representing unstructured text files.
Property set DTD propset.dtd DTD for the property set documents provided here. Derived from property set architecture.
Panorama Style Sheet propset.ssh Panorama style sheet for viewing property set documents with Panorama.

NOTE: property set documents must be normalized before they can be viewed with Panorama. In addition, you will have to manually mount the style sheet the first time you browse a property set document.

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