GeneralEntities  (genents) [15] Module: prolog abstract level 0
In Default Grove Plan? Yes
Datatype: Named node list
Node Relationship: subnode
Verify Type: Other
Allowed Classes:
Class Name Property
Entity Name
Defined in:
clause 11.1, paragraph 4

The general entities of the document or subdocument declared in the DTD.
Includes entities not explicitly declared, as discussed above
in the description of this class.
If the DTD provides a default declaration for undeclared general
entity names, there is no entry in the list corresponding to this
declaration, nor any entry for any such undeclared name, except for
those defaulted entities referenced within the DTD (e.g. in CDATA
attribute values).  Other defaulted entities are in the entities
property of the sgmldoc class.  See dfltent following.

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