ArcSemantics  (arcsem) [14]
"enabling architecture defined semantics"
Module: enabling architecture defined semantics
In Default Grove Plan? No
Datatype: Named node list
Node Relationship: subnode
Verify Type: Other
Allowed Classes:
Class Name Property
ArcSemantics ArcPublicId
Defined in:
HyTime clause 6.7.3; clause 8.2; annex A, clause 3.1; annex A, clause 3.4.1

The list of enabling architectures used to define HyTime-significant
semantics within the hyperdocument.
Enabling architectures that are not identified using a public
identifier are not included within the list.  The scope of
HyTime-significant semantics defined within such an architecture is
restricted to the HyTime document that conforms to that architecture.

Copyright © 1992, 1997 International Organization for Standardization

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